Our Story

Our story began 20 years ago, sparked by an unexpected friendship between two women who have grown to love and support each other through life’s many misadventures with sarcasm and laughter. We have decided to share our story, through the eyes of our beloved, four legged friend Toby and his journey towards making friends (and frenemies). 

 Meet Toby

What? What are you looking at? Never seen a more handsome Westie with the physique of a bodybuilder…all 15lbs of me? Well… enjoy it. There’s a price I pay. My hooman feeds me that boring dry stuff and takes me out for walks ONLY three times a day. I wish someone would remind her that I just turned 3 and I’m in the prime of my life! If I can’t have the juicy steaks now, and go on endless walks, when will I ever?!?! Sometimes, I hypnotize her with my side eyes and snap snap snap just to get a nibble of lettuce and broccoli… YES! Putty in my paws.

Many may think I’m stubborn and destructive but I like to think of myself as an independent thinker who is full of attitude and self confidence… also known as Westitude. What’s wrong with that? 

Our Products

We spent a long time getting the designs just right. We wanted Toby’s big personality and all that he represents, reflected in our merchandise. Our products are our canvas for telling Toby’s story and so, we take pride in sourcing quality fabrics and materials that last. Bepeu is a celebration of friendship and we’re always looking for new opportunities to expand our product line, if there’s something you’d like to see… drop us a line at bepeu.ny@gmail.com

Thank you for joining us on this journey of imagination and creativity. We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming community who share our love for four legged friends and who are eager to embark on new adventures with us.